I'm available to hire for Laravel and PHP work, including project builds, consultancy and mentorship.

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Ollie Read

Hello there!

My name is Ollie, and I'm a dad, step-dad, software developer, and asker of unceasing questions.

I work with a lot of languages, PHP being my favourite, and the one I'm most skilled with, though I have been known to dabble with C, C++, Javascript, Ruby and a close second place favourite, Java.

I create educational content for PHP and programming in general, in the form of articles, videos, and courses.

I release my own open source work, as well as contribute to existing projects, including but not limited to Laravel, PHP, and the PHP docs .

I'm a freelance contractor that specialises heavily in PHP and Laravel, providing general web development services, as well as reviewing, planning, mentoring and general guidance and input.