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PHP & Laravel Development

Creating a modern day PHP framework

PHP has come a long way since I started development some 15 years ago, and its frameworks are far from the small MVC framework I created back in 2008 to get my head fully around the concept. A lot of frameworks have fallen behind, unable to keep up with the rapidly changing climate, and those that have kept up with it polarise developers. It's easy to bash a framework, but what does it actually take to build a framework? I'm going to give it ago.

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Freelance PHP developer, the return!!

It has only been a year, but I'm making a return to the world of freelancing. For those of you that don't know, I've been working for CleverCherry for the last year (well, a year as of yesterday). It has been a wonderful year and a wonderful experience. I've made some friends along the way and I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their team. I handed my notice in some two months ago and my final day of employment will be the 3rd November, followed by a week of me relaxing, and then it's back into it again.

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