• PHP – Advanced/Expert
  • Laravel – Advanced
  • Composer – Advanced
  • MySQL – Advanced
  • MongoDB – Intermediate
  • Memcache – Intermediate
  • Redis – Intermediate
  • Javascript – Intermediate
  • CSS – Intermediate
  • HTML(5) – Intermediate
  • MVC Patterns – Advanced
  • Git – Intermediate
  • LAMP – Intermediate/Advanced
  • Optimisation
  • Deployment Tactics
  • Problem Solving

Besides the above mentioned, I’m quite familiar with many of the common patterns and methodology as well as a few open source and closed source systems. Those which I am not familiar with I can often pick up in no time at all.

Who am I?

My name is Ollie Read (as the name above suggests), but most importantly, I’m a PHP developer based in the centre of Birmingham, with 10 years of commercial experience.

I like to be challenged and as such surround myself with challenges where ever I can. I absolutely love implementing & creating new systems, with new technologies just as much as I love scouring old code bases to find the source of a bug, or to optimise and improve.

Job History

Senior Web Developer

CleverCherry – October 2016 to November 2017

As of October 2016 I’ve rejoined the employed masses, taking on a role at a local agency by the name of CleverCherry. At CleverCherry I get to work on a wide array of clients projects, as well as in house projects. During my time as a freelancer I was able to adapt to new technologies and methodologies with little to no overhead, something that isn’t quite as easy for a fully fledged agency. Fortunately, I am able to bring this knowledge and these skills to the wonderfully friendly team at CleverCherry.

Freelance Developer’s Lab – August 2013 to October 2016 (3 years)

After leaving OnApp in July 2013 I decided to make the most of my new location and give it a go as a freelancer, building up a nice client base and seeing the city.

Lead Developer

OnApp – 

I joined OnApp as the lead PHP developer tasked with bringing the current application in house and slowly phasing out the contractors. From there I was to setup standards and practises as well as build up a team to handle the project in the long run.

Virtual Currency Developer

Miniclip (UK) Ltd – 

In April of 2012 a friend of mine pointed out an opportunity to go work for a company that I knew very well, a company whose games kept me occupied during my lunch breaks at schools. This company was in fact Miniclip, the free online games provider.

While I was originally taken on as a Virtual Currency Developer, and was tasked with helping to create the new virtual currency system which can be seen running live in a fair few games, with the most notable being 8 ball pool, this wasn’t my only responsibility and I soon moved on to be a general developer, working on projects as and when needed, as well as fixing bugs, optimising code and providing proposals on ways to improve our efficiency and generally make life easier. The last proposal I put forward was a brand new way to handle errors and debugging, which cut down the time required from anywhere between 1 hour, and a few days, to around 15 minutes.

Director/Web Developer

Jetpack HQ Ltd – 

After leaving SalesFunnel I decided to go it alone and set myself up with a company. For this role I took on new clients and handled every stage of the process, including sales, management and planning. Fortunately however, I managed to maintain a working relationship with my old employers, so in most cases, I continued my responsibilities from my old job, but on a contracted basis. Unfortunately due to an unfortunate experience with a client, it was no longer viable for me to continue running the company, so the company was closed and I went on to pursue other options.

Web Developer Ltd – 

Unfortunately due to failings in QBS Group Ltd, the company was shut down and the web department reformed under the new name ‘SalesFunnel’. Although it was technically a different employer, my responsibilities continued, and I continued to provide the same service to the same clients, and obviously some new ones.

Web Developer

QBS Group Ltd – 

This was my first job as a junior web developer, so my main tasks were fixing issues with clients sites, identifying potential issues, setting up CMS and Ecommerce websites, and creating entirely new bespoke systems for all of our 200+ clients. During my time here my knowledge grew, and this was recognised by bosses so my responsibilities increased, with me taking over management of our servers and general maintenance of servers and equipment.

Examples of Work

Because of the nature of the work I have done to date, whether it be outsourced agency work or direct client projects, I am unable to display the majority of my work in a portfolio.

Plus, as you can probably appreciate, due to the actual work that I do, it’s hard to show you without seeing the code. That being said, if you’re interested in the quality of my code or my own individual coding style, then you can find those on my github,

Contacting Me

There are a few ways to contact me, but the most reliable are:

I can also be reached via Steam and Xbox Live, but I’ll leave those details out for now.

If you would like to speak to me, drop me an email with your contact number and I’ll call you, or if you’d like my number, a PDF of this CV or further information, than let me know and I’ll get back to you asap.