Holli: Update 2

So, it has been 5 days since my last update on Holli. I’ve been working away on the first version of this idea, and have had to go back to the drawing board a handful of times.

One of the things I realised as I got further into this project, was that I was making things too complicated. I was aiming for the final goal rather than aiming at the minimum and working up. I was defining interfaces, IoC extensions and fully encapsulated services. The problem was, I hadn’t actually got any functionality working, and I hadn’t figured out how that functionality would indeed work.

So I restarted, and I restarted simply. I haven’t bothered with visual quality for now, I’ve kept with the default Laravel layout and ran with that. I started at the bottom and my intention is to get the functionality working as it should, before I started abstracting and splitting things out.

Fortunately, Kerry, my partner in crime, does a lot of user testing and UX, so we had a bit of a sit down and collected everything that the app should do in story format (agile YAY). It was with this that I realised that the project itself is far bigger than 10 days could do it justice.

This is going to be ongoing project by myself and Kerry, as we fully intend to use it. We have many plans for this and we’re both looking forward to shaping this into something to be proud of.

For your viewing pleasure, below are a few screenshots from the current version.


Todo functionality (gif)

Chore functionality (gif)

Calendar functionality (gif)