Holli, my Easter week project

Being the enterprising individual that I am, I quite cleverly used up four days holiday to secure myself a 10 day weekend. I’ve not had much time to relax between moving to Birmingham in May 2016, starting a job with CleverCherry in October 2016 and moving in with Kerry in December 2016, so I thought it was about time I had a bit of time to relax.

For those of you that know me, you’ll know that my idea of relaxing is rarely inline with that of the general populace. Rather than put my feet up, watch trashy TV and generally chill out, I’ll be maniacally scribbling on a whiteboard, and furiously writing code until the early hours of the morning, because it appears that my idea of relaxing, is to give myself 10 days to build an entire project.

That project is of course, the aforementioned Holli.

What is Holli?

Like many of you out there that live with others, whether it’s family members, significant others or even a house/flat share, you’ll be aware that that it’s often hard to keep everything organised. The aim of Holli is to simplify that by providing an open source modular platform to keep track of these things, as well as a whole host of other functionality.

Kyrios in all his glory!

Kyrios in all his glory!

You’ll see from my Twitter that a few weeks ago I set myself up a little home Debian server and connected that bad boy (Kyrios) up to the net.

The intention is for Holli to be built and ran on this, allowing both myself and Kerry to keep track of things and manage the household properly.

Below are some examples of how we intend to use this.

When is Kerry working from home?

This is useful to know, because it means that we can meet for lunch, or that I can get something ordered to the house on that day, knowing that someone will be in.

Who owes who what?

We’ve both got ourselves Monzo cards, so integrating with that allows us to be notified when the other buys something for the flat. This means that with relative ease, the other can contribute towards it. This is less about owing each other, and more about knowing how much things cost and keeping track of finances.

What do we need?

This pretty much covers everything in the house that you could need, ranging from furniture to fridge contents. We’ll also want to keep track of use by dates on things like bread and milk, so that at any point we can see what and when we need to replace stuff. It also helps us to plan meals out and add the ingredients, being notified of when we need to get them.

These are only a handful of ideas, and the idea behind the system is that it’s fully modular, so adding new functionality won’t be a massive ballache.

This project of course, will be fully open source and released on Github so that others can use it, and if they so wish, contribute. One of the interesting parts of this is that I’m using it as excuse to learn React Native for the mobile app side of things, which will of course be open source as well. Anyone is welcome to clone and create a version themselves, or even contribute and hook the pre-existing version up to their own installation.

I’ll be posting short updates throughout the week, as well as potentially streaming some of the development, however boring that may be.