Minecraft Modding – Too Many God Damn Ores

This is just a quick post really about a small project I undertook a month or two ago.

The project was a very small utility minecraft mod. The idea stemmed from playing on a server with friends, I had started to notice that every time I went mining my inventory would be full of ores, which is pretty normal, but upon closer inspection I noticed that I had things like, 4 different kinds of copper and in some cases, 8 different kinds of tin. Now I know that some┬ámods (Minefactory Reloaded I think?) have added in specific machines that facilitate the conversion of all these ores to one type, and the putting them through something like a macerator or pulveriser would convert them to the same thing (It wouldn’t, it’d convert them to the mods version, dependent on the machine), or you could just setup some ender bag + chest + automated system to convert them. The problem was, that once I got back to my home/base I had plenty of space for the ores, and they weren’t an issue, the annoying thing was having to frequently travel back because my inventory is full.

Some mods allow you to disable the world generation for certain ores, which is a nice idea, but frankly, if you have 5 mods all using copper and tin, you probably want 5 mods worth of world/ore generation to guarantee you’re going to have enough. It was with this in mind that I set out to create this mod, which I aptly named “Too Many God Damn Ores”.

This mod hooks into the HarvestDropsEvent and will change the block drop to another. This is controlled by a configuration file and works quite simply, you enter the oredictionary name “oreCopper” then the modid of the mod, you want the drop to be replaced by. As an example, you could configure it so that all copper and tin, is Tinkers Construct copper and tin, now when you mine Industrial Craft, Galacticraft or any other mods tin or copper, the block that drops will always be the Tinkers Construct ore, and will stack nicely in your inventory.


For more information, including download and a short video, see the minecraft forums post, here.